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If you’re looking to spread the gospel and grow your church, you need to learn how smart marketing and church financing can help you reach your goals. A church is powered by the faith of its people, but it must be run like a business in order to succeed. That means establishing a solid marketing and outreach plan, providing modern amenities, and being able to provide an attractive church campus that will draw in new congregants. It takes time, hard work and money, but the results are well worth the effort.


How to Grow Your Congregation


To grow your congregation, you need to start thinking like any other business — meaning “advertise” and get the word out. Create a web site for your congregation and use it as a tool to promote your church and its activities. Use social media, such as Facebook and Twitter and establish a presence there, where people can communicate with you. Upload sermons to YouTube to draw in viewers and spread your message. Make sure your congregants are telling friends and peers about all of the wonderful things going on at your church. Hold social events at your church, such as a family fun fair, BBQ or free Christian music concert and invite the entire community to attend. Attractive buildings and nice signage also draw the eye of people walking or driving by in your community who are looking for a church to attend.


Amenities to Fit the Modern Church


These days, the modern church is more than just a pulpit, a few pews, and a choir room. Modern churches have become community centers, where parishioners come not only to worship, but to connect with one another and socialize.  30 years ago, it would have seemed strange for a church to have a coffee bar or a gym — but things have changed. The modern day church needs to have better amenities to attract new members. Nursery school rooms, coffee shops or cafes, a bookstore or reading room, banquet facilities and air conditioning are the most requested modern amenities for the modern day church-goer. Making even a few improvements to your church’s building will have a huge impact on your church’s ability to grow.


Finding Secure Financing for Churches


New construction takes money — and often church leaders are at a loss when trying to secure financing for churches. After the financial crisis of 2008, banks have been incredibly tight with their money and reject far more loans than they approve. Luckily, there are church loan services that specialize in low-interest church loans to help churches expand and improve. A church loan can be used by physical improvements, such as parking lot repairs or heating and air-conditioning installation and furniture upgrades. Church loans can also help fund new construction projects, as well as remodeling jobs and landscaping.

Since 1992, BDM Mortgage Services has arranged over $100 Million in loans for churches in the State of California — and they can help your church, too. Since BDM is an expert in church loans, they can help you cut through the red tape and confusing paperwork and secure a low-rate loan in a short period of time. Call BDM Mortgage Services at 1-800-439-9551 or visit their California church loan web site to find out more.


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