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A church mortgage with BDM means freedom. Freedom from undesirable terms, the freedom to utilize your mortgage as you see best for your congregation, and the freedom from piles of paperwork! Whether you’re looking to make improvements to you property, open a school, or refi an existing loan, BDM Mortgage Services is the number one choice for California churches.

Unlike traditional banks, that may require documents such as a pastor’s resume, financial information from the Board of Trustees, and/or personal guarantees from church members, BDM bases its decision on the equitable value of your property. And because BDM exclusively focuses on serving the religious community, they understand the unique challenges faced by Churches in today’s tight credit market.

Completing a loan application with BDM Mortgage Services is easy. BDM loans are funded through private investment, so decisions can take just weeks, instead of months. Once you’ve made the decision to proceed with a church loan application, the process moves rather rapidly. Get started on your new church loan by completing the information on the ‘Request More Information’ page. Be sure you have your existing mortgage documents available! Once you’re request is complete, a knowledgeable member of BDM’s staff will contact you to discuss your mortgage needs in further detail.

At this time you’ll be asked to provide the following information:

  1. Copy of the Articles of Incorporation
  2. Copy of the Church By-Laws
  3. Fire Insurance information on property
  4. Photocopies of the last 12 months of bank statements
  5. Letter of Resolution. On church letterhead write a letter authorizing BDM Mortgage Services to secure a new loan on behalf of your church. The letter must state the amount of the loan, and the name of the person authorized to sign on behalf of the church. Be sure to sign the letter by a person representing the church who is NOT signing the loan documents.
  6. Names and addresses of the Board of Directors
  7. Information of existing mortgages for the church. Include names, address and phone number.

BDM views clients as members of the family. That’s why BDM tries to make acquiring a new or refinancing an existing Church mortgage as painless as possible. There are no personal guarantee requirements, no prepayment penalties or balloon payments. Plus BDM provides options in repayment schedules, 1-20 year terms and fixed interest rate. You will never again need to question payment plans, adjust your budget to accommodate a changing variable rate or feel the stress of a loan coming to term with a balloon payment!

BDM provides loans to Churches of all denominations within the state of California. Because churches are the only customers, BDM understands the unique challenges faced by its clients in today’s tight credit market. To acquire a loan with BDM, the church must demonstrate that it holds equitable value in the Church property.

Some of the reasons California Churches turn to BDM is to finance improvements, refinance existing loans, make upgrades and remodeling, to purchase additional property or to open or expand a school. If you are ready to move forward with a new loan or refinance an existing mortgage contact BDM and speak to a helpful and knowledgeable professional today.


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