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Getting approved for commercial loans for churches is often an important part of growing your church. When God provides the inspiration to expand, figuring out the logistics of making it happen can be daunting. If you are looking for approval for a California church loan, or general church property maintenance loan, we’re here to help. Check out this guide to choosing the right church loan company to make your project a reality.

How to Choose a Church Loan Company

When selecting a church loan company in California, you want to choose a company that understands your unique loan needs. You will also want to find a company that is easy to work with, and clear about what will be required of your church during the loan process and after the loan is approved.

Church Loan Preparation

You’ll want to put together a business plan and model to show the church loan company that you are serious about paying back the loan, and that your church has the capability to produce enough income to pay back your church mortgage. While a church family is about relationships, the building you meet in is about financials when you take out a church building loan. Keeping this in mind will help you communicate more effectively with the loan company.

Commercial Church Loan Companies: California and Arizona

A reputable church loan company will have a screening process that includes going over your church’s financial records. Usually the previous twelve months of banking statements are sufficient. You will also be provided with the details of the loan contract, including what happens if a payment is late or missed, what types of interest rates you can expect, and if there are any fees or penalties for repaying your church loan early. Be sure you understand your loan contract and ask any questions as soon as possible. Since you may be reporting back to the church board or trustee committee, you’ll need to fully understand the details. A good church loan company will work with you to ensure you fully understand your church mortgage contract before approval.

Church Loans: Good Investments or Bad Idea?

Some church leaders believe all church loans are a bad idea. They may argue that if it’s God’s will for the church to expand, He’ll provide the funds. But like everything in life, sometimes the value is found in the journey. Experiencing the church mortgage process can be a life-changing event for your congregation and your community. New growth and new building construction attracts the attention of your local community and creates renewed interest in your church. Your congregation may become more fiscally aware of the state of the church and of their own finances as well. If you’re committed to investing in the lives of others in your community through the local church and feel God is leading you to expand or build your church, commercial loans for churches may be exactly what you need.


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