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If you run a church, you likely put all of your heart and soul into the sermons and congregation – so it’s easy to let church property improvements fall by the wayside. Improving your church building and property is not only time-consuming, it also costs a lot of money. Most churches have very limited budgets and are funded strictly from congregants’ tithes and community donations. There are some easy, low-cost, options to improving your church property. And for the large-scale projects, there are low-interest church building loans available.

Building a Better Church with Church Loans

Not all improvements require church loans. Immediate fixes can be made with only minimal investment. Landscaping elements such as flower boxes and new shrubbery add and instant pop of color and improved curb appeal and can be installed in a weekend with able volunteers. A new coat of paint indoors and out, can go a long way. However, when it comes to elements that will make a real impact on church improvement, a modest investment is usually required. New pews, a new sound system, re-paving the parking lot or even a total renovation all cost money. Luckily, there are many low-interest California church loan options out there.

How Church Building Loans Can Improve Your Parish

Church building loans are essential if you’re looking to improve your church and attract new members.  One of the biggest mistakes churches make are taking the “if it’s not broke, don’t fix it” attitude. Even though the basis of church is spreading a spiritual message a fostering community, a successful church must be run like a business. And every successful business owner knows that in order to attract customers, you must have a good product. Churches with modern amenities such as air conditioning, video and sound systems, comfortable pews, nursery schools and cafes are more likely to retain parishioners and draw in new members. In addition, church financing can help maintain your church property and keep it safe. New furnaces, handicap accessibility, paved parking lots and nice bathrooms are all basic needs for any church that can be completed with the help of a church loan.

Finding Low-Interest Church Financing

Low-interest church financing is a type of loan that is designed specifically for the needs of any church. It doesn’t matter if the church is Catholic, Orthodox, Protestant or Baptist: church loans are for everyone.
If you are seriously considering a church loan, California is a great state to live in. It’s the home of BDM Mortgage Services, a leader in California church loans since 1992. BDM has helped provide more than $100 million in low-interest commercial loans for churches and has the expertise to help churches of all sizes achieve their dreams and fund church property improvements. Call BDM Mortgage Services at 1-800-439-9551 to get started.

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