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Different Types of Loan Terms

Several years ago a friend of mine in the real estate business, in an attempt to make a point, said he would pay me any price for my home I asked with only one condition, he got to pick the terms. I had purchased my home for $200,000 the previous year, so I decided I would call his bluff. I told him, “I want $1 million for my house”. Without any hesitation he stuck out his hand
and said to me, “Deal!”.

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How to Qualify for a Church Loan

The members of a church will likely have many questions when they first initiate the loan process. How much does the church need to borrow? Which potential lenders actually make loans to churches? What documentation will be required during the loan process? What will be the interest rate? How much will be the monthly payments? Yet, before the answers to any of these questions can be of any real significance, the first thing the church members will want to know is, can we qualify for the loan?

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10 Tips for Church Property Improvement

Improving your church property can lead to all sorts of exciting changes. Renewed community interest, higher attendance and tithing, better community engagement, and a general sense of revival can occur when you spruce up your church property. Deciding where and how...

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Why Choose BDM Mortgage?

Choose BDM Mortgage Services for Quick Funding of California Churches with minimal paperwork & repayment schedule option. Check out the 8 reasons you should choose...

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Church Property Improvement Tips

If you run a church, you likely put all of your heart and soul into the sermons and congregation – so it’s easy to let church property improvements fall by the wayside. Improving your church building and property is not only time-consuming, it also costs a lot of...

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