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Improving your church property can lead to all sorts of exciting changes. Renewed community interest, higher attendance and tithing, better community engagement, and a general sense of revival can occur when you spruce up your church property.

Deciding where and how to invest your improvement dollars are big decisions, but including a few well-known church property improvementsare a must. Here are 10 tips for improving your church property.

  1. Don’t neglect the parking lot. Parking may seem like one of the least important aspect of worship, but the church experience begins in the parking lot. Be sure to provide plentiful handicap parking for your elderly and handicapped parishioners. If you can expand your parking lot to provide adequate parking spaces, consider enlisting a nearby business parking lot for Sunday morning services and shuttle church goers to the front door.
  2. Invest in your children’s ministry. It can be easy to overlook the children’s church area, since there always seems to better ways to invest the church budget every month. But investing in your children’s ministry is also an investment in your church’s families, and those kids will soon grow up to be the young leaders and workers in your church. Consider adding on Sunday school rooms, a nursery, or even a church-run school to serve your community’s needs.
  3. Pay attention to the paint. A fresh coat of paint is often a great way to breath new life into your church. Choose your paint colors carefully and consider hiring a profession church painter to perform intricate detail work,murals, or high ceilings. Replacing peeling or outdated paint can make a huge positive impression on church visitors.
  4. Church landscaping doesn’t have to be boring. Forget shrubs and memorial trees, your church landscaping can be as creative and colorful as your congregation. Religious images, colorful plants, and benches for prayer and reflection can all be incorporated into your church landscaping. You can transform your church grounds in a beautiful garden the community will flock to visit.
  5. Don’t forget the walkways. Stained concrete, custom concrete designs, stamped concrete patterns and polished concrete can all be used to create attractive gathering places outdoors and entryways that are photo ready.
  6. Consider wedding venues. transforming your church property in a highly sought after wedding venue can not only bring in new church goers, but it can boost your church profits every month. Charging a fee for weddings and other special events is considered a normal practice, especially if the church property has desirable features like beautiful stained glass windows, a pond for photographs, or a special chapel or gazebo for ceremonies.
  7. Don’t neglect the pests. It’s not a pleasant topic of conversation, but ignoring pest control can lead to the utter destruction of your church building. Don’t forget to invest in termite protection and detection and an annual inspection from your pest control company of choice.
  8. Replacing your church windows can lead to greater energy efficiency and lowered heating and cooling costs for saving that really add up over time. You don’t have to replace your stained glass windows to take advantage of new energy efficient models. Call a stained glass window expert to install protective coverings and insulate your church from heat loss.
  9. Purchasing or adding on a church rectory can provide a much-needed space for community activities, meals, and ceremonies. Multipurpose spaces like a rectory can also increase the overall value of your church property.
  10. Investing in updated, comfortable, and versatile church furniture allows church goers to sit through services comfortably and easily convert spaces for various uses throughout the week. You can host Bible studies, community events, girl scout and boy scout meetings, after-school programs, plays, concerts, movie nights when you invest in comfortable church seating options.

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